To keep your viewer captivated I like to use multiple cameras whenever possible. This allows me to switch between viewing angles frequently while editing, making the finished product more interesting for the audience.

You may have noticed my use of chroma key (green screen) effects. In my case, it’s a blue screen, but the process and results are the same. The subject is shot in front of the blue screen. During editing, the blue becomes transparent, revealing whatever is in the layer behind it. This can be a static image, video footage, or a combination of both.

You’ll see examples of this in my sample videos. I’ve superimposed a “reporter” into a virtual TV studio set, musicians into vivid landscapes and other background imagery.

I have three cameras and tripods, a digital audio recorder, wireless lapel microphone, special set lighting, and more.

In the studio I have professional audio and video production software installed on a 12-core Mac Pro with 64GB memory and more than 14TB storage capacity. I can output to practically any desired format, but my favourites are Apple Pro Res 422 for high resolution videos, or 1080p HD video for streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo. I can also burn you video to a DVD or Blu Ray disc with full colour custom labels and packaging. I can even design the labels and packaging!

If your product is a DVD or Blu Ray and you want to distribute multiple copies, I can get them made by a local disc manufacturing plant that I use.